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Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Oaxaca. With your delicious food, mezcalitas and magical markets.

We spent a month here in November and could’ve spent many more. We were only able to scratch the surface of Oaxaca has to offer because of Covid restrictions but if you’re lucky enough to visit this beautiful city, here are our must-dos.

  • Go to the Sunday market in Tlacolula, try the barbacoa goat and of course check out the handicrafts
  • Get brunch at Boulenc, Always! But there is a good use of space. I’d say the vibe is hipsteresque: You will see all types of people – mostly tourists – and the music is as cool as it is current, yet somehow not mainstream. Making the above scrumptious meal is just the side-hustle. They make delicious bread (pan) 🍞 first and foremost. In fact, their bakery (next door) has even more customers!
  • Do a street food tour with Betsy @oaxaca_street_food_tour. We’ve actually got a whole video on this one experience coming soon plus a video already out about the traditional Stone Broth Soup
  • If you are interested in the crafts and artisans of Mexico, Teotitlán del Valle, a small Mexican village near Oaxaca city is a must visit!  Teotitlán del Valle is known for Zapotec weaving, using traditional techniques, tools, dyes, and patterns. We were able to watch and learn about the whole process at Casa Don Juan and, I’ll tell you what, the art of natural dye is impressive, and so is the weaving and machines used to produce these beautiful pieces
  • Taste all the mezcal at Expendio Tradición. The cocktails are 👌 and the food is pretty good too

We’ll definitely be back!

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