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You be surprised to find out that Costa Rica isn’t as cheap as you might think!

Costa Rica is an incredible country in Central America known for its natural beauty, amazing outdoor activities, safety, friendly locals, and well-established expat community but cheap it is now!. For that reason it’s not uncommon for budget travellers to actually skip visiting Costa Rica due to its rising prices. That’s a pity!

Here’s a quick guide to some common costs in Costa Rica to help you plan your trip. You can also check out our guide to FREE accomodation here.

We managed to get over two months free accomodation in Costa Rica making it much more affordable to visit.


  • Groceries for 2 people for 1 week $140
  • Breakfast for two at a Soda (a traditional Tico style diner) $5
  • Lunch for two at a beachside stand $18
  • Dinner for two at a nice restaurant (with wine) $95
  • Six pack of the local beer $8 at the supermarket 


  • Intercity bus (6 hour ride) $11/person (the shuttle option was $55/person)
  • Renting a car (a popular way to travel Costa Rica) seems like a pretty cheap way to do it when you see prices advertised online for $10 – $20 per day but keep in mind there are extra costs such as mandatory insurance at $13-25 USD a day, gas, cleaning fees etc.


  • This varies a lot depending on your standards and needs. One month in a studio or cabin will set you back between $400 – $600. This is of course the price for long-term accomodation. If you are going for a vacation and booking shorter stays you can expect to pay $30 – $60 for a decent room in a hostel or budget hotel.


  • Mandatory insurance for entry $2.80/day per person (booked with INS for 90 days). See entry requirements for Costa Rica here.

Note this is in by no means an extensive guide and prices vary widely across the country, this is just our experience.

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