Income and Expense Report


Income is down and expenses are up (again) this month.

I’m kind of ashamed that our eating out bill is nearly as much as our rent 😳 We’ve received so many recommendations for good food spots, eating out has been a huge part of our entertainment in Puerto Vallarta, thus the large bill. We’ve mixed it up with some higher-end restaurants as well as local taco stands and they’ve given us a great experience.

Other than the food we’ve also done three x full-day trips – The Botanic Garden, San Sebastian del Oeste, and El Tuito, Mayto & Tehuamixtle. We attended a cooking class where we made six salsas and we and did two taco tours.

  • Accomodation $493.71
  • Food (Groceries) $166.90 
  • Transport $114.49
  • Entertainment $613.96
  • Laundry $22.44
  • Dentist $121.18
  • Shopping $56.24
  • Eating Out (includes drinks) $467.97 

Total expenses $2,056.90
Total income $4,512.43

Overall we lived a champagne life on a beer budget this morning and wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d like to say next month we’ll be laying low and sticking to our $1,500 budget but we’ve already got a two-day trip planned to our next city Guanajuato which is likely going to push us over.

Hasta luego amigos

A round up of our costs for living in Sayulita for the last month.

Our takeout bill is on the rise but with so many good restaurants in Sayulita offering delivery it would have bee rude not to, right? Restaurants can open as of today (June 1st) but have to maintain a maximum 30% occupancy so we are looking forward to getting out and actually eating inside a restaurant again.

Even with the increase in takeout, we managed to spend slightly less than in May by figuring out the best places to get our groceries cutting our Netflix subscription and reducing our accommodation cost slightly by renting directly to save on the Airbnb fees and the peso weakening against the USD

We are expecting in June our food and accommodation bill will increase as we’ll be moving house and maybe even the city halfway through the month so it will be interesting to see how that goes.

We are also working on a new business/social enterprise (more on that later) so have included business expenses in this month’s report.

A full breakdown of income and expenses is below.

Eating Out$193.00
Toiletries & Medication $34.00
Subscriptions (Spotify, Gym, Apple)$40.00
Laptop Repayments$91.00
Courier Tax Return$33.00
Business Expenses (Domain Fees, GSuite, Hosting etc.)$72.78
Total expenses $1,207.06
Income $4,019.00

Our income comes from teaching English online, freelance Shopify development work, and Zahn’s remote job in New Zealand.

When we first started looking at traveling and working online one of the biggest questions we had was how much does it actually cost and how much do we need to earn?

Expenses vary country-to-country and even city-to-city so we have been keeping track of all of our expenses from beer to rent and documenting it to provide some understanding for anyone looking to go down this path. 

Below is a full list of all our expenses and income from 1 – 30 April 2020 in Sayulita Mexico. We are currently in quarantine due to COVID-19 so haven’t been able to do any tourist activities, eat out (other than a few delivery splurges) or travel this month.

April Expenses                                            

Rent – $389.00
Cellphone -$8.00
Groceries – $253.31
Alcohol and Cigarettes – $106.00
Toiletries – $22.00
Laundry – $21.36
Shortcut to Spanish Online Course – $116.00
Subscriptions (Spotify, Netflix, Gym) – $29.98
Laptop Repayments – $91.00
Other – $305.00

Total expenses  – $1,341.65
Income – $2,683.00
Saved – $1,341.35

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