Digital Nomadism


If you’re on social media, you’ve probably noticed that the ‘digital nomad’ is at its peak. 

Thanks to the attractive and endless travel content that is as abundant as the opportunities to work these days remotely. More and more people are starting to join the digital nomad trend, or should we say lifestyle. The desire to see the world beyond 4 walls and a boring desk have been increasing among the general public, making people interested in joining this movement.

Getting started on digital nomadism might sound easy, and we’re not saying that it’s not, but at times it can be a little more challenging than what you expect, which you don’t usually see online. No matter what job position allows you to be a digital nomad, you need to be committed, organised and disciplined to succeed and enjoy this journey.

As with everything in life, mistakes can happen when starting out in digital nomadism; believe us, we know! So to prevent you from some complications and bad experiences, we created this guide with the top 6 mistakes that most new digital nomads make and how to avoid them.

Being misled by what you see on the internet about life as a digital nomad

Don’t get us wrong, being a digital nomad is a great thing, but it’s essential to know the reality of what being one entails.

As we mentioned before, you’ve probably seen amazing travel photos and videos from people worldwide living their best lives in dreamy travel destinations. While this is true, it’s often not as simple as it seems. Digital nomadism is often painted as an easy and movie-like journey. 

Being a digital nomad means that while you’ll be able to explore different parts of the world, at times, you’ll also have to be okay with things like loneliness. Having to solve simple problems can become complicated while travelling, missing out on events back home, and the fact you won’t have a stable location.

Not making plans

Although being a digital nomad means having the freedom to travel whenever you want and live at your own pace by your own schedule, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make plans.

We’re not saying you should have a detailed life plan to start as a digital nomad. Still, it’s essential to take a moment to think about goals and milestones and consider where you would like to go and what you are trying to achieve and/or experience by doing this.

Excessive travel

At first, travelling to as many places as possible in a short period may sound like a good idea, but this common mistake will ruin your digital nomad experience in the long term. 

What makes the difference between a backpacker and a digital nomad? The length of stay and the pace of the trip. Backpackers are known for visiting several destinations quickly, and digital nomads give themselves the chance to experience life in one spot for a month or more. This gives them enough time to explore the area, get things done without feeling stressed, learn new things, and see life from a unique perspective. 

Travelling slowly is the best way to start your journey as a digital nomad and prevent travel burnout. 

Overspending and not budgeting

If you’re travelling to a country where your money is maximized, you may become overconfident and spend more than you should. 

Budgeting in advance is essential as a digital nomad, from getting cheap flights to choosing your following location wisely and carefully. Choosing the right destination and handling your expenses responsibly will make a big difference. Finding an affordable spot where you can have a quality travel experience based on your budget is the key to enjoying a long and pleasant trip.

Not doing enough research. 

Luckily these days, it’s easy to find information about literally anything. With just a couple of clicks, you can find out all about the topic of your interest. Despite this, exhaustive research on the destination you’re interested in is always a must and one of the best digital nomad tips you’ll receive. 

You might’ve seen an aesthetic and cool photo of a guy somewhere in Thailand working on his laptop, holding a piña colada right next to a pool, and thinking, “That looks like a great place to work remotely” you start looking for flights, accommodation, etc. But have you looked up how good the wifi signal is there? Or is it actually a safe place to visit?  

Before you start creating an entire scenario in your head, it’s crucial to learn every detail about the place you’re interested in. By checking different articles and videos, you’ll be able to see the different points of view of other travellers and analyse whether the destination is actually suitable for you or not. 

Not making new connections as a Digital Nomad. 

Although being a digital nomad implies that you won’t be in one place for long, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make new friends and connections.

Many digital nomads often complain about loneliness as one of the downsides of digital nomadism. But travelling this way doesn’t mean you can’t meet new friends. Whether you’re staying at a coliving and coworking space or a digital nomad area, you’ll always be able to meet new people and build meaningful friendships and relationships. You might encounter your next travel buddy or even the love of your life. Who knows? You won’t know unless you try it! 

You Are Now Ready To Start Life As a Digital Nomad

These 6 digital nomad mistakes are some of the most popular among newbies, and starting life as a nomad without knowing digital nomad best practices can cost you money, time, and even your well-being. 

Learning from other people’s mistakes is a great way to make the most out of your experience and be prepared to embark on a fun and enjoyable trip, understanding what you should and shouldn’t do. We hope you find these digital nomad tips helpful. Thanks for reading!

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There are many reasons why Colombia is emerging as the go-to travel destination for digital nomads. Before the dreaded C-Word, people have been flying, driving, and even boating to what’s now beginning to feel like the ‘Promised Land’ for Digital Nomads. However, when you get here from where you were coming from. You will realise that this Shangri-La is not the hidden secret you might have thought it was.

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