Any fan of LoTR knows or has heard of Hobbiton in New Zealand. But did you know Guatemala has its own Hobbiton? About 20 minutes drive out of Antigua, Guatemala, high in the mountainside sits Hobbitenango and Altamira, Antigua.

It had the iconic round doors and grass-covered roofs but the real magic is the view and the feeling of being on the clouds at 7,800 feet (2,400m) above sea level. 

It was a Friday afternoon and not at all busy so we were able to have lunch in a private Hobbit-hole. If you’re going, I’d suggest you make a reservation ahead of time.

Here’s how to get to Hobbitenango and Altamira, Antigua and how much it costs.

We took an Uber from Antigua Q68 / USD$8.80 return.

Entry tickets for Hobbitenango (this includes transport from the parking lot up the hill and access to games and activities there) Q50 / USD$6.50 each.

Lunch and drinks for two Q221 / USD$28.70. 

Note: if you go on the weekend there is a breakfast buffet.


Altamira is a seperate attraction to Hobbitenango but it is the same location so we’d definitely checkout seeing both. 

Altamira has not one but two hands that you can walk out and take a photo on with the most spectacular view behind you. It also has minigolf, sculptures and its own restaurant to check out. 

Entrance for Altamira Q25 / $3.30 each. 

All up for the day we spent $53.80 for two.


Zahn is a travel junkie born and raised on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand. Zahn spent two years in South Korea where she met Addison in 2018. She has visited 17 countries and is on a mission to literally work her way around the rest.

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