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The review:

🎖️Appetisers for the win🏆

I thought the Provola (cheese fried cheese) was the hero meal, but the missus thought it was the polpette (meatballs). We agreed the lasagna fritta needed a kick of spice. Overall, the appetisers were downright tasty😋, and the mains could have used a little more oomph! 

The portion sizes were pretty good. The staff were great and spoke English well!

I personally would dine here again, but the prices are a tad expensive.

My advice? Dine here with friends and go to town on them appetisers!

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The review: 

🍽️Came for the food, stayed for the bumping music🎶

The complimentary chips and 4 very different salsas were a great start to the meal and it really only got better from there.

Pumpkin flower empanadas: Loved the avocado for cutting through the crispy and cheesy Empanadas. This appetiser was nice, ‘the calm before the taste storm’ that is to come.

Gaoneras w/bone marrow: If the crispy cheese and beef fillet isn’t enough, the baked bone marrow will have you swooning! I can not recommend this enough.

Chicken skewers: This came out good. Veggies were the hero here. I love it when something simple is done well.

Pork belly BBQ: This was a miss for us. It was the salsa verde. We knew going in that it would be there we just didn’t know the Pork belly would be smothered in it. As I like to provide solutions: I wonder if the sauce could be provided on the side so the customer can add as they see fit? Otherwise, the pork belly itself was cooked well – the green salsa’s tangy-spicy flavours threw us.

Catrin cookie: I LOVED THIS! A cookie that is half peanut butter half chocolate chip with vanilla ice cream and berry jam. What?!

What we ordered:

Everything above, plus:

  • x3 Limonada
  • x3 Margarita
  • Total: 1,299 Pesos (~$65 US)


After reading the reviews 

I knew I wanted to try this place, the first night we tried and it was full so we came back the next day for a late lunch – it was well worth it. The real treat here is the music and the beautiful art. The outdoor area has a stage and fantastic mural. If you are on a tight schedule, I suggest booking beforehand. We want to return so I can try the other tacos!

Ps. We went back to try the other tacos, and we were not disappointed! I suggest the Black pork tacos – flavors were just spot on. Looking for a snack? Look no further than Muslitos fuego or Esquite Catrin.

🏆The real winner of our return was Esquite Catrin which is a play on Mac n cheese🏆

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The review:

Freshly baked pan dulce: Simple. Sweet. Quickly provided and warm!

French toast: lovely presentation and delicious! Fluffy, great portion size, and the Grilled 🍍 stole the show.

Gratin chicken enchiladas: Flavourful!  We Highly recommend. Each enchilada is packed with 🐔. With a nice spicy kick, the green salsa is spot on!

What we ordered:

  • x2 Latte
  • x1 Cappuccino
  • x1 Chicken Enchilada
  • x1 French Toast
  • Total: $495 Pesos (~$25 US)


This is a great brunch spot; highly recommended!

The 🎶 was good, the staff was attentive, and the their English was really good. I thought the décor inside was charming, and the spacing was very well done. There was a sense of intimacy.

The décor outside is equally great. The only downside to eating outside – in fact, my only criticism for this restaurant – would be the car traffic nearby.

Luckily, it is nearly drowned out by the music. Definitely the best breakfast/Brunch place we ate at in Merida.

Must try dishes in Merida:

Cochinita Pibil

Pork marinated in citrus juices and seasoned with achiote paste from the annatto seed and wrapped in a banana leaf. The dish is traditionally slow cooked in a fire pit in the ground.


A fried tortilla stuffed with beans and topped with shredded turkey, cabbage, picked red onion, avocado and pickled jalapeños. 

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