Ever get something in your head and just HAVE to do it?

That’s what happened with the Edward James Surrealist Garden – Las Pozas, and us.We were leaving San Miguel de Allende for our next spot in Oaxaca and decided it would be a good time to tack on short trip in between.

Our route ended up looking like San Miguel de Allende > Xilitla (how to the surrealist garden) > Querétaro > Mexico City > Oaxaca City.

This garden famed for being build by an eccentric British guy the came to Mexico with 5,000 boxes of Kleenex was not on the way at all.In fact, it was in the opposite direction but off we went at 4am through some very windy roads in the dark for 6 hours to get there. Addison was not impressed.

The garden was beautiful and the town was quaint but in hindsight it was unnecessary. Ever been on trip that needed up not being worth all the hassle?

Watch the video here ↓


Zahn is a travel junkie born and raised on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand. Zahn spent two years in South Korea where she met Addison in 2018. She has visited 17 countries and is on a mission to literally work her way around the rest.

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