For the first time in 7 months we are in the negative and spent more that we earnt eeekkk.

We found San Miguel de Allende rather expensive in comparison to other cities or regions, not necessarily unjustifiably so – there were plenty of delicious restaurants with atmosphere and food to back up the prices but that didn’t help our wallet – the tours and activities were also more expensive than what we’d come to expect from other places but again they were pretty good and we can’t complain.

We managed to jam a lot in, in October including a trip to Xilitla to see the Sir Edward James surrealist garden, Querétaro and Mexico City. Although in Querétaro we spent the majority of our time in a mall after Zahn’s phone died and we had to take it to an iShop – luckily we were able to repair it but we ended up buying Addison a new phone as old one was locked and couldn’t take a Mexican (or anywhere else for that matter) sim card.

Unfortunately we also had some WIFI issues in San Miguel de Allende that prevented Addison from teaching which affected our income and we purchased extra data plus a Sky Roam WIFI device which we do no recommend, after purchasing an “Unlimited” Day Pass we were throttled down to 2G speeds after only using 1.5GB and the support was terrible and couldn’t let me know what the throttle limit was.

Our AirBnB hosts were great and tried to help with the internet speed but it wasn’t enough for our needs. It also seems we weren’t the only ones having issues and a slow connection is common in SMA.

So what did we spend all that money on!

Tours and activities

  • Teotihuacán Mexico City Day Trip $112.14 
  • Dia de Muertos Tour to learn about the traditions $77.84
  • Food Tour in San Miguel de Allende $254.78
  • Walking Tour CDMX $19.46
  • Tres Raices Vineyard Wine Tasting $20.56
  • La Gruta Spa $24.32
  • Canada de la Virgen Pyramid Trip $160 included lunch and astronomy talk
  • Charco Del Ingenio (El Charco del Ingenio Jardín Botánico y Área Natural Protegida) $4.85

Extra Accommodation

  • Hotel in Xilitla $17.10
  • AirBnB in Querétaro $51.36
  • Hotel in CDMX $134.32


  • Flight to Oaxaca from CDMX $71.36
  • San Miguel de Allende to Xilitla including stop in Pena Bernel and Querétaro $436.87 (includes tip, private driver, entrance to the Edward James Garden and guide) 
  • Bus Querétaro to Mexico City $32.88

Full breakdown:

Accommodation in San Miguel de Allende$557.03
Additional accommodation$202.78
Entertainment $669.10
Shopping including shipping to NZ$305.81
Eating Out$476.99
Laptop Payments$103
Subscriptions (Apple Storage & Netflix) $23.23
Cellphone Plan $58
Addison New Cell Phone$274.33
Art Classes x 4$90
Sky Roam$148
Total Expenses$3,646.49

Total Income

Prices are listed in USD and are for 2 people.


Zahn is a travel junkie born and raised on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand. Zahn spent two years in South Korea where she met Addison in 2018. She has visited 17 countries and is on a mission to literally work her way around the rest.

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