I’ve really been putting off doing our income and expense report this month. 

Without even looking at it I just knew we were way over budget and I have been burying my head in the sand. 

So, what blew-our budget?

As usual, we ate out more than we should’ve including a very fancy meal with too many glasses of preseco at La Cappella one of the nicest restaurants I think either of us has ever set foot in (see the video).

We used a private driver (Jose) for 3 x day trips.

Jose also drove us from Puerto Vallarta to Guanajuato and as you’ll see in the report that’s really where the biggest cost lies.

We could’ve taken a couple of buses, we could’ve flown, there are plenty of transport options that would’ve reduced the cost but at the end of the day, we felt more “socially distanced” and less at risk this way. We also got to shop in Tequila, Tlaquepaque and Leon on the way!

We did some shopping and bought a new day bag to replace one that was falling apart.

We have also reduced our work hours, not only does this reduce our income, but it also gives us more time to go out and do stuff which more often than not leads to us spending more money. 

We didn’t leave our comfortable lives in New Zealand to work all the time and be miserable but we will be taking our head out of the sand this month and being more mindful of our choices to ensure we can continue to sustain our travels and have some backup during these uncertain times.

Full breakdown:


Eating Out$537.70
Laptop Payments$103
Subscriptions (Apple Storage & Netflix) $23.23
Cellphone Plan$29
Total Expenses$2,779.85

Total Income

All prices are converted to USD


Zahn is a travel junkie born and raised on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand. Zahn spent two years in South Korea where she met Addison in 2018. She has visited 17 countries and is on a mission to literally work her way around the rest.

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