What makes a restaurant great, tell me. Good food, attentive service, and a lively ambiance? Now, let me tell you why Gaby’s Restaurant; in the heart of downtown Puerto Vallarta, is great! 


Gaby’s Restaurant has developed a menu that will leave your mouth watering, whether you crave seafood delights such as lobster enchiladas and coconut shrimp; Authentic cuisine like Mole chicken and  Chile Relleno (cheese-stuffed pepper); or traditional and simple desserts like Flan. In other words, the food – From portion size to presentation – will make you hope your stomach is bigger than your eyes. 

There is also an extensive drink menu! 

We have had two great experiences, one by delivery (Ubereats) and the other was by dining in:

  • The delivery: Addison ordered the mole chicken and Zahn ordered the chicken fajitas. The food was piping hot, packaged well, and delicious. 
  • The Dine-in: Zahn had the burrito Gigante. Addison had coconut shrimp and lobster enchiladas! 

Apparently, burritos are not as commonplace – in Mexico – as one might think. In fact, they are considered TexMex. Gaby’s burrito is unique because it is not filled with beans, cheese or rice. If you are looking for a burrito that has been turned on its head I would highly recommend the giant burrito. Fantastic and simply unlike any burrito you will get abroad. 

What else can I say? The enchiladas were a slam dunk and the shrimp was the alley-oop. 


We were treated well from the moment we entered. weaponized with courteous nods and kind smiles, the wait-staff was welcoming, knowledgeable, and attentive. They were just out of line-of-sight standing at parade rest in a way that would remind you of a beef-eater; until of course, you looked in their direction. They would then jump into action ready to provide a service – most likely a refill.


I recommend that you request to be seated on the balcony or rooftop. The view is outstanding. Prefer indoors? Although you will miss out on the wonderful view, the decor and music is immersive! We ate on the balcony at night. Here you get the best of both worlds; the view of the sea and, thanks to a nearby building, a 10m projection of old movies or romantic images. When on the rooftop you get an unrestricted view of the bay. 

The. Gaby’s Restaurant Je Ne Sais Quoi!

The most important aspect of the restaurant is its history. Gaby, restaurant owner, and Chef Julio, a lawyer turned lauded Puerto Vallarta chef, sit on the shoulders of giants! Their Grandfather left El Tuito to start a new life in Puerto Vallarta. Being one of the first to establish himself in this fisherman’s town turned sprawling city, he quickly acquired land and renown to eventually become its respected mayor! Their Grandmother and Mother turned the home – that is now Gaby’s Restaurant – into a luncheria (a mom and pop shop). 

Long story short – they are welcoming you into their family & home when you enter Chef Julio and Gaby’s restaurant; the waiter invites you to sit, and they present your meal. As you enjoy the first bite and savor the last, you are tasting this family’s 30-year history. So; sit back, take in the sea, a nod to the waiter/waitress, and order that third drink because you are at Gaby’s casa.

Learn to Cook at Gaby’s Restaurant!

Lastly, Gaby’s Restaurant offers a 5-hour cooking class. You will learn how to make five different salsas, mole chicken, and Chile Relleno. The best part of the whole experience was the walk to the local market (Mercado Municipal Emiliano Zapata) to see how the locals get their flour/corn tortillas and shop for meat, veggies, and fruits. 

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