In light of the recent events in America, we wanted to share some resources for anyone that would like to educate themselves on racism, inequality, and white privilege.

If you feel saddened by what’s going on in our world and want to help we believe the best way to do that is by educating yourself, use these resources, and find your own, there is so much good stuff out there.

I have received a lot of questions from my English students about what is going on, why the protests are happening, and a plethora of other well-meaning questions about being black. And while it is great to see so many people taking an interest and the time to ask questions, I am only one person and I’d encourage you to do your own research. Talking to people is a perfectly legitimate option but don’t make it your only option

Here are some resources and social media accounts you might find helpful.

First off if you don’t believe white privilege is real or don’t understand what it means, watch this video.

Be the Bridge

“Be the Bridge places a lot of the focus on listening to and learning from people of color. But there’s also some important internal work that white people need to do as well. When white people don’t understand some of the basic tenets of whiteness, it’s hard to fully engage in the work of racial reconciliation.”

They have a range of links and tools available, some that we found particularly useful were:

Rachel Cargle and the Great Unlearn 

Rachel offers a monthly self-paced, pay what you want syllabi.

She has also created a free document to guide readers through gaining knowledge of various heartbreaking cases of police brutality and murder in the United States. You can find that here.

“This document is to be used like a syllabi — an introduction to the work but not the work its self. 

Value to the black community is not simply in the knowledge you gain but the action you take to ensure black bodies are protected. “


Follow @ohhappydani on Instagram 

She creates the most amazing illustrations breaking down thoughts and ideas for the more visual learner.

If you have found something particularly helpful we’d love for you to share it in the comments.

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